Coryell to Canton, please

Former college football and NFL head coach Don Coryell is in the final 15 to possibly be in the Hall of Fame in Canton.

Coryell is the first coach to win more than 100 games as a college head coach and an NFL head coach. He spent his formative years at San Diego State, where he went 104-19-2 from 1961-72 and then went 114-89-1 from 1973-77 with the St. Louis Cardinals and from 1978-1986 with the San Diego Chargers.


The next step

You really have to like the jump the WVU football team made this season — 10 wins, a running game that mattered and a defense that was pretty solid.

The next step is winning a game that matters. I know they all matter. I get that part. But, at some point in time, a program has a have a signature win. Unfortunately for the Mountaineers, those 2 signature wins game against BYU and Kansas State in Weeks 3 and 4.


Pirates going forward

It is still funny to me how people forget that the Pirates have a budget. People don’t like it, but it’s there. Fans want the ownership to “open up the purse strings” and add this and that to a mixture they believe can contend for a title.

But, the Pirates are not the Cubs, Yankees, Red Sox or Dodgers. They are the Pirates and must function accordingly.

We don’t go out looking for a new car in the $250/month region and come away with one that costs us $375/month.


Oak Glen boys b-ball tops Weir, 76-57


Boys High School Basketball, Oak Glen scored 36 points in the 4th quarter to beat Weir High 76-57.  Logan Taylor and Jeff Rice each scored 22, while Noah Feicht added 11 for the Golden Bears.  LaVelle Hall scored 14, Lyric Washington 13 and Frank Hudachek 11 for the Red Riders.


Weir girls soccer tops Edison, 5-3

Weir High topped Edison 5-3.  Francesca Farran scored four goals to become the all time leading scorer at Weir High.  Paulyana Zias also scored for the Red Riders.  Katia Scaffidi, Lauren Ferralli and Chelsea Petzker scored for the Cats.