Former DC Counter Sues Penn State


Former Penn State defensive coordinator Bob Shoop has responded to the school’s lawsuit against him by saying he was forced out and encountered intolerable working conditions in 2016.  Penn State is seeking nearly $900,000 from Shoop.  The school’s attorney says Shoop was required to pay the university half his base salary for the remaining term of his contract if he decided to leave early.  Shoop has been Tennessee’s defensive coordinator since 2016.


College Football Bowl Updates


College Football: No. 9 USC beat 5th-ranked Penn State 52-49 in the Rose Bowl.  7th-ranked Oklahoma topped No. 14 Auburn 35-19 in the Sugar Bowl.  No. 8 Wisconsin won the Cotton Bowl, 24-16 over No. 15 Western Michigan and 17th-ranked Florida beat Iowa 30-3 in the Outback Bowl.


Ex-Penn State coach McQueary seeks $1.7M in legal fees from Penn State


BELLEFONTE, Pa. — A former assistant football coach who won verdicts of more than $12 million from Penn State University over his treatment after Jerry Sandusky was arrested for child molestation is asking for another $1.7 million in legal fees.

Lawyers for Mike McQueary filed a petition Wednesday outlining the litigation costs and lawyer bills that would justify such an award.

The legal fees are being sought under the state’s whistleblower protection law.