Sports Schedule

Schedule: Week of Monday, 2/13/17
Date Game Air Time Station
Mon, 2/13  WVU @ Kansas 8:30 PM OVSN
Tue, 2/14
Pitts. Pens vs Vancouver Canucks 6:30 PM The River*
Madonna vs Bishop Donahue (OVAC) 7:15 PM OVSN
Wed, 2/15
Thu, 2/16 Pitts. Pens vs Winnipeg Jets 6:30 PM The River*
Fri, 2/17
Pitts. Pens @ Columbus Blue Jackets 6:30 PM The River*
Weir High @ Harrison Central (OVAC) 7:15 PM OVSN
Sat, 2/18
If Madonna wins, 2/14 vs TBD 9:45 AM OVSN
WVU vs Texas Tech 1:30 Pm OVSN
Sun, 2/19 Pitts. Pens vs Detroit Red Wings 2:30 PM The River*
(**If game is needed; ***Will join after previous game finishes)
*The River and Web Only game stream links will only be active during the live broadcast of the game.