Tim Tebow


The New York Mets have signed Tim Tebow to a minor league contract.

Why not?

There is no harm is seeing what baseball talent he has in that 29-year-old body. Of course, he’s now Michael Jordan, but the Mets giving him an opportunity is no different that giving a guy sent to the minors a time or 12 a chance.

Yes, he has not played the game in 11 years,


Da Browns


The Cleveland Browns had 14 draft picks in 2016 and 13 made the team.

But, that was somewhat expected because all of their first-round picks from 2011 to 2014 are gone.

Here’s the breakdown:

2011: #21 Phil Taylor; picked at #31, Cameron Heyward (Steelers)
2012: #3 Trent Richardson; picked at #9, Luke Kuechly (Panthers)
#22 Brandon Weeden; picked at #24 David DeCastro (Steelers)
2013: #6 Barkevious Mingo;


Olympic golf


Now that the men’s golf is over in Rio and we heard nothing but great things about the golf course, fans, competition and national pride (and a jab from Johnny Miller about seeing zero mosquitoes), the women get their turn.

It started this morning and I would guess we will see the same thing as the men.

The difference, though, is that the top female players are in Rio, while all of the top men’s players were not.


History made


Michael Phelps has more medals than most countries and people talk to him about the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Why would he want to swim?

Be a husband, a father and do endorsements. How cool of a life is that?

Why swim 10,000-ish yards a day (if not more)? Be the best Olympian ever and call it a day.

Whether it is at the golf course, in the pool or the gymnastics venue,


Time to start


High school sports officially started today.

Blood. Sweat. Tears and all the comes with playing football, soccer, volleyball or being a cross country runner.

It’s not easy. But, it’s worth it.

It’s worth the time and effort to be a teammate, work hard and laugh and smile. It’s worth the time and effort to be a better friend and make new ones.

It’s what kids do, along with being a cheerleader and a band member.


Golf in Rio


Associated Press golf writer Doug Ferguson tweeted this out Wednesday morning — Adam Scott on golf in Olympics: “It’s just kind of shoved in there at a very critical time for everything I’ve ever dreamed of winning.”

There is not one golfer who dreamed of winning an Olympic gold medal in the sport. The last time golf was in the Olympics, Theodore Roosevelt was in the White House. 1904.

Gymnasts, swimmers,